At RUSU we want to make the student experience the best it can be! Part of how we do this is by campaigning on issues that affect students. This can be on campus, in the local community and sometimes nationally with the National Union of Students (NUS). If it is something which affects you as a student, then it is something we can campaign on.

At RUSU a campaign is a set of activities with a clear, achievable aim and a call to action that seeks positive change to benefit students.

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Behaviour change campaigns

A campaign which focusses on altering students’ actions or beliefs. This will often include education as well as tools for change. These campaigns often do not see results very quickly as it takes time for people to change their behavior.

E.g. I ♥ Consent – this is a long term campaign (over a few years now) to encourage students to adopt a safe consent culture.

Policy change campaigns

A campaign which seeks to alter or create a union, university or other policy. This could include stating support for the cause and/or altering systems to support students around the problem. It can also include more concrete changes.

This will often involve a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ work: writing papers, attending committees and standing up for students’ views.

E.g. Free Periods – ensuring that RUSU provides free sanitary products to students.

Promotional campaigns

A campaign which aims to promote a particular event or product. The aim could be to sell tickets, to get people to come to an event, to buy a particular product, or to change behaviour around a particular product.

E.g. Summer Ball promotion – to get people to buy tickets to the event

Elections campaigns

These are individual campaigns undertaken by candidates around any election that RUSU holds. They are to prepare and present the ideas a candidate has to the student population with the aim of securing votes. They will often include a manifesto as well as different campaign activities such as social media, lobbying and branding.

E.g. a candidate campaigning to be the next Education Officer – to raise their profile and to get students to vote for them.

To find out more about how we run effective campaigns at RUSU check out our Running Winning Campaigns guide.