Breaking Down Barriers

RUSU Breaking Down Barriers campaign 2018-19
3rd – 9th November 2019

What Needs to Change

Sometimes we make assumptions based on stereotypes, what we think is ‘normal’ or even on someone’s appearance. It is not unusual for these hasty judgements to be part of our everyday life, but that does not make it right.

It is time, as a student body, we take control of how we think. Just because quick judgement and oversight has become conventional in society does not make it ok.

Key Aims

  • Provide the opportunity and atmosphere that encourages students to try something new.
  • Remove ideas of stereotypes surrounding sports and other extra-curricular activities.
  • Change students' behaviour to that of being more understanding and sensitive to one another.
  • Develop a campus wide appreciation for one another’s interests – resulting in a more cohesive society.

The Campaign

Breaking Down Barriers is a week-long campaign to get students, in societies and sports clubs, involved in something new. The campaign will run as a club swap format where sports teams try a societies activity and vice versa. The idea is that every member can have a go at something they might not have had the courage to try before whilst socializing with a different group of people.

The campaign is launching Week 10 Autumn Term, with a ‘Swap Session’ being held Thursday 29th November for clubs to meet each other and find out what activity they will be partaking in!

Student Media have showed interest in covering what goes on throughout the week, whilst we hope to launch a video at the end of the campaign so that our message of acceptance continues to be understood on campus.