Hello Neighbour

RUSU Hello Neighbour campaign 2018-19
2018/2019 academic year

The University of Reading is an important part of the local area and makes a valuable contribution to the community. Positive engagement and relations with local residents are important to both the University and Reading University Students’ Union. ‘Hello Neighbour’ aims to promote and encourage these good relations between students and the local residents within the community. There will be events throughout the year bringing students and local residents together, in addition to a welcome pack being delivered outlining simple actions that make the community a better place to live in.

We’ve put together some handy top tips to make you Reading’s favourite neighbour! Take a look and see below!

Our top 10 tips

1. Say hello

You might not have lived in this area before and it’s a welcoming feeling getting to know those around you! Pop over and say hello, neighbours are good sources of knowledge about the local area. A good relationship is also handy for reciprocating favours; when you’re not in, signing for a parcel on your behalf!

2. House safety

We want you to feel safe and secure in your houses so please make sure you’re doing everything sensible to ensure this.

  • Double lock your front door
  • Make sure windows are securely shut when you’re not in
  • Having a light on a timer at the front of the house is a useful tip for discouraging unwanted thieves!

3. Keeping the noise down

We are well aware you want to enjoy your university life but our local communities have a life too! Please remember you are now part of this community and you need to respect others. Local residents might lead different lifestyles with different working hours, families to look after and a variety of social activities. Have fun be but respectful of hours that need to be quiet; after 11:30pm and before 8am.

4. Treat others as you would like to be treated

A mutual respect for those around you is a great way to start the year as you move in to your new house! If we are talking about noise again, inform your neighbours in advance of a party and give them your number to contact if they need to get in touch during the event. Giving them a heads up in advance is going to initiate a positive relationship with your neighbours. If you do get a complaint about noise, apologise and turn the music down and/or stop the behaviour which led to the complaint. It will cause fewer problems and less bad feeling in the long run. You may also avoid getting an unwelcome visit from the police or University Security staff.

5. Bins and recycling

The Council are very strict about bins. They won’t be emptied unless the lids are shut and you’ve recycled correctly. Your Council provides a guide on what each bin is for and examples of the different items that go in each one so it makes life really easy if you’re organised! Also, being part of the community it’s nice to be able to walk down the pavement, so make sure you put your bins out of the way after they’ve been collected.

6. Bank your bottles

You can recycle your empty bottles easily, using the local bottle bank – just ask a neighbour if you’re not sure where to find it! You cannot put glass in your recycling bin or leave bottles outside your house.

7. Parking

Parking is a hot topic! If you have a car, please park considerately and don’t leave it for long periods of time. Some streets are permit area so make sure you understand these regulations as without a permit you may be clamped or receive a penalty fine.

8. Your property, your garden

As a tenant of a property, it’s important you look after the house and garden, or you can expect a fine when you leave at the end of your agreement. Sometimes it’s confusing what you’re responsible for versus the landlord, but our Advice Service have a handy guide to all things housing.

9. Report issues

One of the most important things you can do as a member of the community is report issues if something isn’t right. Whether someone is acting suspiciously near where you live, you’re having problems with your landlord, or there’s potholes on the pavement outside your house – make sure you speak up and let someone know. It’s always better to say something, so the sooner you do, the better things will be for you and your local community!

10. Get Involved!

You are fortunate enough to be part of a rich and diverse community, full of opportunities. At RUSU and the University we offer students a lot, but it’s your chance to explore what else you can do in the local area. Look at local notice boards, what’s online and chat to your neighbours about all the things you might be able to sign up to! From volunteering to running groups there’s so much to see and try.

RUSU Activities Officer 2019/20 Daisy o'Connor

Activities Officer
Daisy o'Connor

RUSU Welfare Officer 2019/20 Gemma King

Welfare Officer
Gemma King