This Girl Can

RUSU This Girl Can campaign 2018-19
11th – 18th February 2019

The campaign

This Girl Can celebrates active women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get. It is a national campaign that started back in 2015 but year on year we have seen more students’ unions getting involved by bringing it onto campus.

This year it was decided that RUSU’s This Girl Can would be a social media campaign. A lot of what influences us is from the dynamic and diverse content we constantly see across social media so we thought the best way to celebrate women in sport was to directly bring Reading students onto our phones and laptops! This week we will be releasing lots of content showing Reading what students already do and why it is important that women should feel empowered and supported to get active!

Our content will be released across the Reading Sports Facebook Page, RUSU Officers Facebook and also on the main RUSU

Key aims

Women come in all shapes and sizes from all backgrounds. We have a huge array of ability - some of us are expert sportswomen, some of us are just a little bit rubbish.

It doesn’t matter.

This Girl Can is to encourage women that we can all still get active. Our aim is to show those who are a little nervous and apprehensive to start their sporting journey that they can do it!!


  • To help women ‘rethink’ who sport is for – to increase their participation and liberate women so that more students participate in exercise
  • Promoting and encouraging healthier lifestyle
  • Eradicating gender stereotypes in sport and encouraging people to get involved in activities even if they don’t think they are good or have never tried it before!