2019/20 Compensation


Compensation is offered to the students who were negatively impacted as a result of UCU industrial action and 2020 finalists are compensated for a loss in teaching time and impact on their University experience through the fees being waived for robe hire.


  1. Students who are returning are compensated.
  2. Students who aren’t returning are compensated.
  3. Costs of graduation hire are covered by the University.
  4. The University provide alternative methods to support finalists financially before their graduation ceremonies.


  • Discussions with the VC

    Rachel, RUSU President, has been in conversations with the VC to discuss options going forward.

  • Evidence

    Evidence of what other universities are doing to compensate their students has been collated.

Where did the idea come from?

In May 2020, two Change It! campaign ideas passed for RUSU to lobby the university for free graduation gown hire in 2020 and for compensation to all students for UCU strike action.