Register to Vote


All students are registered to vote so they are eligible to vote in any upcoming elections.


  1. Make sure you understand the importance of being registered to vote
  2. Ensure you have the information you need to register to vote so that you know how


  • Social media

    Posts are going out on social media to remind you to register!

  • Over half of you say you’re registered!

    We put a poll out and on the 19th October and over half of you said you were registered at your current address! Great work, make sure you tell your friends to register too.

A third of voters between 18-34 are not registered to vote. Yup, this is either you or one of your mates. If you’re not registered you can’t vote, so do something about it!

Got 5? Whether it’s while you’re waiting for your lecture to start, waiting for the kettle to boil, or doing your laundry, you only need five minutes to register to vote online.

It’s easy. Just visit

Your vote matters and could make all the difference to your future.

Myth busting

Here are some facts about registering to vote which you may not have known!

You can register to vote at 2 addresses

As a student you can register to vote at 2 addresses. Just select “I am a student with a home and term-time address”. This means when it comes to it you have the option to choose where to vote.

Remember you can only vote at one address!

It only takes 5 minutes to register to vote

As long as you have your National Insurance Number to hand it only takes you 5 minutes to register to vote. A perfect job to do while waiting for your friends in the library, boiling an egg for breakfast or defrosting your dinner in the microwave!

You can register for a postal vote

If you are worried you might not be around when an election happens you can apply for a postal vote. That way you can send off your vote to ensure you still have your voice heard.

You don’t have to be on the open register

You can register to vote and still keep your information private. Just select “No. I don’t want my name and address on the open register”

Once you are registered at an address you don’t need to register again

If you have already registered to vote at an address you do not need to register again for every election. But remember that every time you move you will need to register again.


To register to vote, visit

Where did the idea come from?

Being registered to vote gives you power; it gives you influence and a stake in society. Lots of students are moving into the area or moving into a new address for the new year and unless you have registered to vote at your new address you will not be able to vote locally in any upcoming elections.