Get Involved!

As a student led organisation it is you who is leading on making change. There is always more to do to improve your student experience and you know best what those things are - so get involved!

There are three ways you can get involved with campaigning with RUSU’s support:

Get involved with a current campaign

If you are a student interested in helping with a campaign someone is already working on we would love to have your support! This is a great way to meet other likeminded students who have similar passions to you.

Fill in your details below and we will get back to you.

Put an idea forward for a new campaign

If you have an issue that RUSU isn’t campaigning on already then please let us know! You can submit an idea for a campaign or a new policy idea through Change It!.

Join one of our campaigns and causes student groups

Got a particular interest? Something specific that you really want to change? There are probably more students like you too! Work with each other to make change on something you care about.

Take a look at our Campaigns & Causes societies to see if there is a group for you.

If you have any questions about getting involved, you can email