Assessment Feedback


Standardised guidance on feedback and tutors engaging in the feedback process results in students knowing what they’re doing and where they stand so they can produce better work with less pressure.


  1. Recommend standardised feedback across the university so that students have consistent feedback from markers even if they are doing a joint honour course.
  2. Ensure that marking criteria is clear to understand so that it can be distributed before assignment deadline/setting so that students understand what is being asked of them in their work.
  3. Tutors understand the importance of engaging with feedback so that they give more useful feedback and support to students.


  • Heard your voice

    We collected your feedback, through your Course and School Reps, to take to the university.

  • Working with the university

    Over the last year the RUSU Education Officer has been working closely with the university on the importance of good quality and standardised feedback

  • Policy update

    Over the last few months the feedback policy has been reviewed and changes are planned for the next year to ensure you get good quality feedback


RUSU Education Officer

If you have any comments about your feedback get in contact with RUSU Education Officer George Ingram.

Tel 0118 378 4130

Where did the idea come from?

We know that feedback is very changeable. Some people have great feedback and others just get a tick on an essay – what does that even mean!?

  • Fifi, RUSU Education Officer, has heard of lots of students who are getting poor feedback.
  • Results from the 2019 NSS (questions 8-11) show that Reading is behind the sector and the region on students agreeing that marking criteria is clear in advance, feedback is helpful and marking has been fair.