Let Me

RUSU Let Me campaign 2018-19
Spring & Summer Term 2019

Your Disabled Students' Part-Time Officer wants to know what difficulties disabled students face in their everyday lives on campus. From toilets that aren’t up to standard to accessible parking spaces being taken up by cars that aren’t displaying blue badges to buildings without working automatic doors, there are always problems to be faced. Raising these issues in a document that can be handed to the university with evidence is one of the best ways to tackle this.

Key aims

We want to know all of the access problems faced by disabled students on campus regardless of how big or small these things may seem. By sharing experiences, students are able to contribute to making the university aware of the problems their students face and of how these can be fixed with appropriate and feasible solutions. Since campus is so big and everyone experiences accessibility problems differently, having as many voices contribute to the campaign as possible will make it even more effective.

RUSU Events


Meet with Blythe at the foyer to discuss any access problems you have and to learn a bit more about the campaign. You can also place your name on a board in support of disabled students and their right to access university facilities just like their abled counterparts.

Date: Thursday 28th March
Time: 12:00 - 14:00
Venue: RUSU lower foyer


A lot of the university buildings are old. Some of them are even listed buildings which means that special consideration has to be made when any changes are proposed to them. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t be changed to help improve student welfare.

Disabled toilets that don’t meet UK regulations, blue badge parking spaces where drivers without these permits park with no fines or enforcement of the university’s parking policy, and automatic doors that aren’t have all been flagged up to the disabled students’ PTO in the past. The best way to demonstrate to the university where improvements can be made is to share student experiences.

Using Twitter and Facebook, share the issues you come across with #LetMe and attach a photo as well as telling us where you are. These will be gathered by RUSU and Blythe and placed in a secure folder to help compile the report. Everything posted before April 20th 2019 will be looked at and used to help develop accessibility awareness at the University of Reading. Certain contributors may be asked for interviews or to elaborate on the points they’ve raised. This is to help make sure that their concerns are understood and give students the chance to expand on what they’ve said.

Disabled voices have the right to be heard. And RUSU will help to amplify these voices.

RUSU Disabled Students' Officer 2021/22 Emily French

Disabled Students' Officer
Emily French

RUSU Inclusion & Communities Officer 2022/23 Jem McKenzie

Inclusion & Communities Officer
Jem McKenzie