Change It

Change It is RUSU’s online platform where you can share your ideas. These help your Students' Union to set its priorities and make the changes you want to see.

With Change It, you can;

  • submit ideas for change
  • come to Student Voice to debate which ideas should go forward to vote
  • vote online once a term to choose which ideas win
  • come to Student Voice to check progress on these ideas

Join our virtual Student Voice at 6.00pm on Tuesday 11th May.
Join the Zoom meeting.

Get involved

Share an idea, debate or vote – find out how you can help lead change.

New ideas

Ideas submitted since last term: what are they, what’s happening with them?

Your changes

Updates, wins and plans for the future on passed (and past!) Change It Ideas.

How does it work?

Everything you need to know about the Change It process.

Student Voice

RUSU’s termly student forum open to all students. Come along for debates on ideas, to ask questions to Officers on their work, or for the free pizza!

Voting and Results

Vote in the most recent Change It election and find the latest results.