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At the Student Voice meeting held on 16th May 2019, it was decided to send 2 ideas to an All Student Campaign Vote. An idea must receive 200 or more winning votes to pass and receive the highest (or second highest) number of votes. Up to 2 ideas can win. RUSU will work on the winning campaign(s) for 2 years or until the campaign aim has been achieved, whichever is soonest.

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    RUSU Environment & Ethics Officer to be made a Full-Time Role


      The RUSU Environment & Ethics Officer should be made into a dedicated full-time officer role rather than a part-time one.


      As a University that is dedicated to becoming a 'greener' institution and developing a strong reputation as an institution that takes contemporary environmental issues and its own environmental impact seriously, RUSU must make the Environment & Ethics Officer into a full-time, paid role to ensure that the University's vision is carried out and support the development of a culture of 'greener thinking' among students (help students think about their impact on the environment more and support their ideas for lessening the university's negative environmental impact).


      Currently there are a total of 5 full-time, paid RUSU officers: President, Diversity Officer, Welfare Officer, Education Officer and Activities Officer. None of these roles are dedicated specifically to supporting, developing and innovating new ways for the University and Student Body to lessen their negative environmental impact, particularly with regards to waste and greenhouse gas emissions (climate change and waste production being two of the biggest contemporary environmental issues we face today).


      If made into a full time, paid role- it will greatly encourage student participation and nomination with regards to this role, as students will be able to dedicate all of their time for one year to the many responsibilities this role entails, particularly with regards to working with the University's sustainability department on a regular basis and monitoring both RUSU and the University's environmental impact.


      If RUSU wishes to develop a strong reputation as a 'green' students' union and support the vision of both the University and the Student Bodys' of being part of a 'green', environmentally friendly institution, it must ensure that there is a dedicated full-time, paid position in order to fulfill these crucial demands.

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