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At the Student Voice meeting held on 16th May 2019, it was decided to send 2 ideas to an All Student Campaign Vote. An idea must receive 200 or more winning votes to pass and receive the highest (or second highest) number of votes. Up to 2 ideas can win. RUSU will work on the winning campaign(s) for 2 years or until the campaign aim has been achieved, whichever is soonest.

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    RUSU to campaign for the University to improve mental health support



      RUSU should work to ensure counselling is available for anyone and everyone at any time they need it. Students should also be able to access support services adapted to their individual needs, not just in times of crisis.

      From personal experience, the university's current counselling service gives appointments at a rate of once every 2 months. Myself and many people I have spoken to feel that they need to prove themselves in order to get the help they feel they need. This often results in them feeling unimportant and adds to the reasons why they feel so poor in the first place.

      I think that RUSU should step in. We need more trained professionals who have time to talk anyone and everyone at any time they need it. 1 in 4 (2007) people suffer from mental health conditions and a handful of people tucked away down the corridor of a building is not sufficient.

      Help also needs to be made publicly aware. Students need to know where to go and who to talk to when they feel lost. Advice about how and where to access help can often vary between departments – for example, academic tutors signpost to counselling services while counselling tell you to talk to your academic tutor. This is confusing for students and leaves you feeling lost and not knowing who to talk to. Staff should be trained, or have resources, to help them know who to direct students to. The university is failing us in this aspect and RUSU needs to step in.

      Everyone should be able to have access to the right level of help for their needs, know that this help is available and be aware of where to access it.

      Help needs to be made publicly aware. Students need to know where to go and who to talk to when they feel lost. The university is failing us in this aspect and RUSU needs to step in.

      Idea submitted by Lauren Collard

    Sarah Maqbool
    10pm on 27 Mar 19 Currently every student who is offered counselling by the counselling team is offered 6 hours of counselling across the whole year. Considering the importance of mental health during higher education study (since we are essentially building our careers) the number of counselling hours should be increased from 6 hours to 10 hours minimum. This allows a greater spread across the 3 academic terms and ensures people have someone to talk to more often and thus touch base with a support network regularly.
    Democracy & Policy Coordinator
    5:02pm on 17 May 19 This idea was put forward to Student Voice and passed. The idea will be put to an All Student Vote, open from Monday 20nd to Friday 24th May. As there are only two campaign ideas this term, this idea only needs 200 votes to pass - but your vote still counts!