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At the Student Voice meeting held on 16th May 2019, it was decided to send 2 ideas to an All Student Campaign Vote. An idea must receive 200 or more winning votes to pass and receive the highest (or second highest) number of votes. Up to 2 ideas can win. RUSU will work on the winning campaign(s) for 2 years or until the campaign aim has been achieved, whichever is soonest.

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    Free hot water on campus


      I advocate for the provision of free hot water on campus.

      Doing this will encourage more students to come with reusable cups, and make their tea/coffee. It will go a long way to help students save costs of paying for a cup of coffee/tea, as well as reduce the number of disposable tea cups used by students on a daily basis (environmentally friendly).

      The current cost of a cup of coffee in campus is over 2.5 pounds, at such any student who wishes to take more than one cup  day spends over 5 pounds on coffee. In a month, the person will be spending over 100 pounds on coffee alone.


      Most schools in the UK have adopted this idea by providing hot water in all campus cafes.

    Sarah Maqbool
    8:37pm on 6 Apr 19 I second this, particularly for students who are staying on campus for longer periods of time throughout the day being able to make our own tea/coffee is a lifesaver