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    RUSU to develop confidential reporting about RUSU Activities Student Groups


      The problem I want to Change is:

      I would like to see an anonymous submission complaint/reporting system on the website. Currently, I don't think there is one. If there is not one, there should be one.

      This is a problem for students because:

      Many students may not feel like they have the opportunity to speak about issues that are quite damning and can cause stress by identifying them. many events may slip through past committee members or an entire committee may turn on that one person.

      To change this, I think RUSU should:

      Just a simple box on the website that is checked some times. If an issue that is serious enough, RUSU can speak to that committee or society and understand the situation and go from there. Could also be a place where warnings be placed on societies.

      This will help students because:

      These ideas will all improve feedback and communication between students and the Student Activities department. It will also allow students to raise concerns without judgement. 

      Anything else to add:

      Some students have bad experiences with societies but are worried about reporting it due to feelings of anxiety or fear of repercussions. These ideas will remind students that they can raise any feedback at all without repercussions for themselves.

      Idea submitted 20.04.20

    Katharine Davey
    12:15am on 6 May 20 RUSU Ideas Feasibility Group (IFG) met to consider ideas. It was decided that this idea could be actioned. RUSU are currently implementing the following three actions: 1. Reiterate at committee training and on the RUSU website that any student can confidentially give feedback or share concerns about RUSU Activities Student Groups to 2. Including a confidential feedback box on the website whereby students can give feedback on RUSU Activities Student Groups. 3. Add to the agenda at each Activity Group Meeting a list of any RUSU Activity Student Groups who have been disaffiliated that term, including a brief reason for disaffiliation, e.g. “behavioural issues” or “not holding a valid election”. These minutes are published on the website so any student can see. In its report to Student Voice, IFG also noted the following: • RUSU cannot usually share information relating to disciplinary procedures. • RUSU cannot provide an anonymous reporting process (where staff do not know who submitted report) because if there are welfare concerns, RUSU would not be able to get in touch with the student, and if it was a complaint, RUSU would not be able to deal with the complaint.