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    Better online maps of important campus locations


      The problem I want to Change is:

      There is currently no maps online that show the internal layouts of buildings on campus where teaching rooms are located, or locations for Multi Function Printers (MFPs). Can the floor plans be added.


      This is a problem for students because:

      For new students there is only a suck-it-and-see approach to finding teaching rooms, for example the Edith Morley is a labyrinth. There are more PC/MFP sites than just the Library that can be used for printing?


      To change this, I think RUSU should:

      The floor plans already exist! Can these be uploaded to the Me@Reading site?

      Can RUSU work with IT to provide a site map of printers? currently doesn't provide this info


      This will help students because:

      It will help students plan and/or print, reducing anxiety in getting to unfamiliar locations.


      Idea submitted by Sarah Clarke


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