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    DeStress “Fest”


      The problem I want to Change is:

      Student's mental health deteriorates rapidly during time of exams, where people become overwhelmed or burned out from revising for their exams.


      This is a problem for students because:

      A deteriorating mental health impacts students in all parts of their life : academically socially etc. and it could lead to a spiral towards short- or long-term mental health issues.


      To change this, I think RUSU should:

      Implement a week called DeStress "Fest", where events are put on offer like we have seen in Home at Halls events such as paint by numbers or if we put sports matches or mental health support services available for young people to access. Dog therapy.


      This will help students because:

      This gives them an opportunity to break from their revision and a way to lift their mood

    Democracy & Policy Coordinator
    2:27pm on 23 Mar 21 The following idea went to IFG: Title RUSU to organise a week-long DeStress “Fest” The problem I want to Change is: Students’ feeling overwhelmed or burned out during the revision period. The deterioration of student mental health during revision and subsequent exam period. This is a problem for students because: Poor mental health impacts students’ studies and also all other aspects of their life. Deterioration in mental health can spiral and increase the risk of short and long term mental health problems for students. To change this, I think RUSU should: Plan and oversee a week of events with the aim to minimise stress during the run up to exams and to promote and increase good mental health amongst students. This will help students because: A series of events can provide students with opportunities to break away from revision and find positive ways to look after their own mental health. IFG actioned this idea for the following reasons: ACTION This idea can be incorporated into the plans RUSU Officers have to run a series of events similar to ‘Relax with RUSU’ as per last year. These will incorporate the aims of this idea. (May need to be hosted online due to Covid-19). RUSU Welfare Officer will also look to work with student who submitted the idea to see if feasible to do something before June as part of Mental Health Let’s Talk campaign.