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    Students with Parenting Responsibilities


      The problem I want to Change is:

      There are a number of students who are also parents and they are disproportionately disadvantaged. Because they are in a minority they have very little voice at the University.


      This is a problem for students because:

      Examples of problems for student  parents:
      - Last-minute timetabling means making childcare arrangements very difficult
      - School closures mean student parents have additional unforeseen commitments.


      To change this, I think RUSU should:

      Have a named officer to represent student parents. Campaign for earlier timetabling. Campaign for earlier exam timetabling. Raise awareness in departments of barriers for student parents. Campaign for a resolution process for when problems arise.


      This will help students because:

      Student parents will be able to plan childcare and be less disadvantaged.

    Alia Rashwan
    8:43pm on 15 Jan 22 I agree