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    RUSU to organise a food donation point on campus



      RUSU to organise a food donation point on campus

      The problem I want to Change is:

      Providing a place for students to donate food to local food banks in Reading.

      This is a problem for students because:

      Some students may not know where they can donate food for local food banks.

      To change this, I think RUSU should:

      Support student volunteers in organising a one-off food donation point for students to be able to donate food.

      Assist with providing a safe space to collect donations and help volunteers distribute any donations to a local food bank.

      This will help students because:

      Provide students with a food donation point where they can donate food which will be distributed to local food banks

    Democracy & Policy Coordinator
    2:37pm on 23 Mar 21 IFG actioned this idea for the following reasons: Action This idea can be implemented within a reasonable timeframe with little resource required. However, it may need to be organised outside the current timeframe due to COVID-19 restrictions. Also, would need to be non-perishable items and within 6 months best before date. To take place after Lockdown 2.0 – now extended to take place after Lockdown 3.0