Student Voice

What's Student Voice?

Student Voice is a RUSU forum where:

  • Students set the direction of the Union through policy and campaign proposals.
  • Ideas are discussed, put forward to campus-wide votes and their progress is reviewed.
  • Student Officers are held to account.

Any student registered at the University of Reading can attend Student Voice.

Anyone can speak during any section of a Student Voice (at the Chair’s discretion).

You can also vote during the Change It Review and Full-time Officer Scrutiny sections – this means that everyone has an equal say when reviewing the work of Full-time Officers.

Only Student Voice Members can vote during the Change It ideas section.

Student Voice Members are a group of students that are elected or appointed to represent the wider University of Reading student community. Appointed Student Voice Members come from different areas of RUSU, from committee members of Activities groups, Welfare Reps, Senior Reps, Part-time Officers and Full-time Officers.

Student Voice Members aim to raise the views and interests of their respective representative community while at Student Voice – they’re not just voting or speaking with themselves in mind, but also the people they’re representing. Student Voice Members are able to vote in the Change It ideas section, and receive training to help them understand the processes. If you’re at Student Voice and not too sure what’s happening, find a Student Voice Member to help you!

The next Student Voice will take place in Autumn Term. Check back for more details nearer the time!

Student Voice Chair role

The Student Voice Chair role is key to democratic debate in RUSU. Find out more.

Student Voice Meeting

Find out more about what happens at the Student Voice meetings each term.

Student Voice Documents

An archive for past Student Voice meetings. You can read past reports, minutes, and other relevant documents here.

Student Voice Members

Student Voice Members represent you at RUSU’s termly Student Voice meeting.

Student Voice Chair
Ion Klitorakis