Student Voice Meetings

Student Voice is your chance to have your say on what’s important to you, debate ideas submitted through Change It! by students, find out what the Officers have been up to and hold them to account with any concerns or questions you might have. There are 55 Student Voice Members, but anyone can come. There are a minimum of three meetings a year.

Refreshments (usually pizza!) are provided.


There is step-free access (but not full wheelchair access). There is basic seating, an accessible toilet, a gender neutral toilet, general car parking, and blue badge parking. 3sixty has a hearing loop and we can arrange a BSL interpreter if requested in advance.

Food provided will include some vegan and gluten free options, but please let us know if you have dietary requirements so we can accommodate you.

Paper copies of documents are available upon request - otherwise we invite you to bring a device to view these on for sustainability purposes. You can also request for the event to be livestreamed.

More information about RUSU's venue accessibility can be found on the accessibility page.

You can contact us about access on

If you want to see reports and minutes from previous Student Voice meetings, check out the Student Voice archive.

What happens at Student Voice?

There are three ‘sections’ to Student Voice. Your Student Voice Chair will guide you through the event. If you’re not sure what’s happening and want an explanation or clarification throughout the event, please speak to a member of staff present – or ask the Chair!

  1. Change It ideas section
    You debate ideas from students about what RUSU should work on. Ideas that ‘pass’ will be put to an All Student Vote.
  2. Change It Review section

    You get updates from the Full-time Officers on work they’ve done relating to previous successful Change It ideas.

    If you’re not happy with work relating to an idea, you can request a vote. If this is requested and fails (majority of people vote ‘against’), the Chair will provide an action for the Full-time Officer to complete by next Student Voice.

  3. Full-time Officer Scrutiny section

    You review the work of your Full-time Officers. This time, they will update you on work they’ve done relating to their role as a whole (rather than just Change It ideas).

    Each Officer will give an update on their work, there will be time for questions, and then there’ll be a vote. If this fails (i.e. more people vote ‘against’), then the Chair will set an action to the Officer to complete by next Student Voice.

    You can also request a ‘motion to censure’ if you’re really not happy with an Officer’s work, and a ‘motion to commend’ if you think they’ve done an amazing job!

    Find out more about what happens at Student Voice in the Student Voice Manual – and for all the fine detail, take a look at our Student Voice Guidelines.

Student Voice Chair
Ion Klitorakis