Student Voice Members

Student Voice members at Student Voice in 3sixty

Anyone can come to Student Voice, but each year we elect and appoint Student Voice Members. They’re responsible for coming to all three Student Voice meetings across the year and speaking or voting for what they think will best benefit students.

Anyone can become a Student Voice Member, and it only requires six hours of your time a year!

How do I become a Student Voice Member?

You can nominate yourself for an undergraduate or postgraduate place in the September elections.

If you hold a representative role within RUSU (e.g. Senior Rep, SLR committee, Activity Group committee), you may be able to be appointed to the role.

What’s it about?

Once a term, we hold a Student Voice meeting, which is your chance to choose what RUSU should work on, find out what the Full-time Officers are up to and let them know your thoughts or concerns.

Student Voice Members come from different areas of RUSU, from committee members of Activities groups, SLR committee members, Senior Reps, Part-time Officers and Full-time Officers. The role exists to represent the wider University of Reading student community. Some members are also directly elected into the role by the student body during the Rep Elections in Autumn.

Student Voice Members aim to raise the views and interests of the community while at Student Voice – they’re not just voting or speaking with themselves in mind, but also the people they’re representing. Student Voice Members are able to vote in the Change It ideas section, and receive training to help them understand the processes.

If you’re at Student Voice and not too sure what’s happening, find a Student Voice Member to help you!

Interested in the role? Nominations open on 20th September 2021!

Student Voice Chair
Ion Klitorakis