Voting and Results

Recent Results

Each term, students submit ideas for what RUSU should do. Campaign and policy ideas are voted on in an All Student Vote. The Autumn 2021 Change It vote was held between 29th November and 6th December 2021.

One idea competed to become a campaign. Up to two ideas can pass, if they achieve over 200 ‘winning’ votes.

209 students voted in a single transferrable vote system. The results were as follows;

  • RUSU to lobby for UoR security staff to wear bodycams (172 votes – excluded at stage one)

This means that no ideas passed as none of the ideas reached the 200 ‘winning’ vote threshold.

Suggest your own ideas at Change It!

If you have a new idea submit it to Change It.

If a campaign idea is passed by Student Voice, it will be sent to an All Student Vote where our members, the students registered at the University of Reading, will decide which campaign idea should win. An unlimited number of campaign ideas can go to an All Student Campaign Vote at the same time.

RUSU uses an STV (Single Transferable Vote) system for Change It campaign votes because it provides you with the most choice and influence. When voting, you can list the campaign ideas by order of preference (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) and you can vote for as many or as few ideas as you like.

There are two winning campaigns. RUSU will treat the winning campaigns as priority campaigns for two years or until the campaign aims have been achieved, whichever is the soonest.


For a Campaign Vote to be valid, an individual idea must receive a minimum of 200 ‘winning’ votes. A maximum of 2 ideas can be passed during each voting period. The winning campaigns are those with the most votes.


If a policy idea is passed by Student Voice, it will be sent to an All Student Policy Vote where the student body will decide whether it should become RUSU Policy. Unlimited number of policy ideas can go to an All Student Policy Vote at the same time.

All Student Vote on a policy idea will be conducted by a cross-campus ballot. When voting, voters can vote either for, against or abstain for each policy idea.

RUSU will adopt any passed policy ideas for two years, after which the policy expires. If a student wishes to renew a policy after it expires, then they must submit an idea to renew the policy via the usual Change It process.


For a Policy Vote to pass, it must receive a minimum of 200 ‘for’ votes and more students must vote ‘for’ the policy than ‘against’ it.

An unlimited number of policies can pass in each round.

All current students at the University of Reading should be able to vote in Change It If you're having problems voting, please email