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Page last updated 9th September 2021

When ideas are passed through Change It, they become Actions, Policies or Campaigns. If more information is needed about an idea, it might be actioned for more Research (we'll look at it again next term). If it’s a particularly big idea, it might go to a referendum.

You can visit the campaigns page to find out what campaigns RUSU is currently running, and the policies page to find out what policies are currently in place.

Click the idea title to find out what’s happening with it – and come to Student Voice for a full update.

Ideas by Status

Here you can find a list of expired, completed and rejected Change It ideas. If you'd like to find out more about any of these ideas and the reason for their status come along to Student Voice or email

Idea type Title Status
Campaigns More plugs in teaching spaces Expired
RUSU to campaign for partial tuition fee refunds due to strike action Withdrawn
Lobby the University to introduce lecture capture Expired
Policies Change drinking straws from plastic to biodegradable and charge 5p for them Expired
Female only Self-defence classes Complete
Trigger warnings for course texts Complete
Safe cycling path to Northcourt Rejected
Crossing point by Wessex and Bridges Hall Rejected
More water refill stations across the University of Reading campus Complete
RUSU to hold a sustainable crockery and cutlery policy. Complete
RUSU to enable Union Ticket resale option for sold-out events Complete
Actions RUSU to support the Global Climate Strikes Rejected
Banning or limiting the use of paper receipts on campus Complete
Cigarette waste disposal to be included on all campus bins Complete
RUSU to have a policy for Sports Clubs to have equal access to RUSU bookings Completed
Research Opportunity/more support for commuting students Complete
Include Students in easitReading Discount Travel Scheme Rejected
RUSU to diversify DJ's for Wednesday Union Rejected
RUSU to hold student vote on renewal of Mizuno kit contract Rejected
RUSU to increase online accessibility for Student Voice Meetings Rejected
UPP to give residents notice when people due to enter accommodation Completed