Candidate & Agent Resources

This hub contains resources for a variety of aspects when running for any of the RUSU elections.

Election & Referendum Rules

Rules applying to all RUSU elections and referenda, including guidelines on campaigning, manifestos, and the complaints procedure.

Candidate Diversity Survey

We monitor our elections processes to ensure quality and effectiveness from a diversity perspective. This includes keeping a record of the diverse background from which candidates are drawn.

How to nominate

Nominating yourself in the election can seem tricky and maybe a little scary, but it's actually super simple! Read on to find out how to nominate yourself in an election.

Budget & Expenses Guidelines

Details the budget available for various roles as well as what it can be spent on.

Preparing for Candidates Question Time

Candidates Question Time is one of the most exciting and important parts of the elections process. Question Time is a great opportunity for students (AKA the voters!) to find out about you as a candidate and what you intend to do if elected.

Creating an elections poster

Your elections poster is a poster you create to help you with your campaign.

Getting Students to Vote for You

Get some top tips on how to gain votes in your election.

Printing & Publicity Guidelines

Guidelines on publicising your campaign or nomination, photocopying, social media and more.

Writing an Elections Manifesto

Your manifesto is a 250-word statement which tells people who you are, what you hope to achieve whilst in the role and why people should vote for you. Find best practises and manifesto guidelines here.

Writing a Referendum Statement

Your statement is your opportunity to explain your position, outline your argument, facts and supporting evidence, and tell people why they should vote for your side in the referendum.