Creating an Elections Poster

Before you get started

If you are running in the RUSU Main Elections you can create a poster. Your elections poster is a poster you create to help you with your campaign. This can include your manifesto points or simply be about who you are, it’s up to you! It goes on the RUSU candidates webpage and you can also use it throughout your campaign.

How to start creating

You might want to include

  • A bit about yourself
  • Why you’d be good for the role
  • What you want to achieve in the role

Top tips for writing

  • Try to get your enthusiasm and commitment for the role across
  • Write in a way that students will understand and be clear and concise
  • Be creative!

Making sure your poster is accessible

  • Use a clear and easily readable font, such as: Calibri or Helvetica. These should then be used on a solid colour e.g Black text on a yellow background
  • Don’t use text on images as it will get lost in the background
  • Limit the amount of text and make sure it is at a readable font size (12pt is recommended for body text) as you want to inform people without giving them too much information
  • When using colours be mindful of heavily contrasting colours as they can make visability poor and will not captivate your audience.
  • The use of colour tones may be more useful e.g two shades of yellow on the background. This then doesn’t detract from the text on the page.

If you are unsure about using colours and text as to whether they are accessible or not, you can use Contrast Checker.

Other ways to check the accessibility of your artwork can be found below from resources compiled by government bodies.

Free tools you can use to make your poster

How to upload onto your elections poster

To submit your elections poster email it to before the completing your nomination deadline.


Your poster must meet these requirements in order for RUSU to use it in their promotion.

  • A4
  • PDF format
  • Portrait orientation