Getting Students to Vote for You

We see students come up with fantastic ideas on how to communicate with students across campus. Campaigning during the election gives you a better chance of getting students to vote for you, as well as allowing you to meet people and develop new skills.

Campaigning doesn’t mean you have to wear t-shirts and hand out flyers on campus. It is more important that you just get your message out there, either in person in your lectures or perhaps online or by email.

Telling your classmates why you’re standing, what you’d do if you got elected and why you would like them to vote for you is going to stand you in good stead to getting elected. And make sure you vote for yourself!

Here are some tips from previous candidates

Know your stuff: Find out what students care about and learn more about the issues facing the students you hope to represent. Support your arguments with some kind of evidence.

Get some support: Get your friends involved and ask them to help you, particularly during the voting period.

Make a plan: Make sure both you and your supporters know what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it.

Promote yourself: Think carefully about how to communicate with students and promote yourself. Decide how you are going to get your message out. Consider use of Social Media, lecture shout outs, emails to specific groups of students, perhaps posters or flyers if you are participating in a cross campus election.

Know the voting system: Even if students tell you they are voting for another candidate – ask them to give you their second vote! The Single Transferable Voting system (STV) asks voters to give an order of preference. You should be asking all students to keep you in mind for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice of candidates!

Make sure students are voting: Remember to vote for yourself and make sure ALL your friends have actually voted.

Keep momentum going and keep motivated: Although voting period is relatively short, it can be hard work. Keep contacting and speaking with students. Every vote will count. Cross campus election turnouts are pretty high but those electing students as a Course Rep, School Rep or some Part-time Officer roles are limited to the students to they represent – don’t give up – every vote will matter.

Ask for help: If you need any support during the voting period, don’t hesitate to contact RUSU staff who will be more than happy to help. Email our elections team at Or pop in and see us in the ARC.

Say thanks: Thank your friends for their time and make your supporters feel appreciated.