Preparing for Meet the Candidates

Meet The Candidates gives students the chance to get to know the people behind the campaigns; to get a sense for who is hoping to be elected to represent them next year. By providing a platform for candidates to express themselves, answer pre-submitted questions, and then network with attendees, the event will help to meaningfully connect students to the candidates hoping to win their votes.

Full-time Officer Candidates will approach the podium grouped by role, and will open with an introduction to who they are, and why you should vote for them. They will then answer three questions pre-submitted by students that cover different topics within the remit of the role they have nominated themselves for.

Once each candidate has had equal opportunity to do this, candidates and students will be encouraged to use the space in the RUSU building to network with each other, ask follow up questions, and get a sense of what each candidate represents. This will help voters to make a more informed choice whilst taking away some of the pressure on candidates to speak in front of a large audience (which can be very scary!).

If you're a Full-time Officer candidate preparing for Meet The Candidates, then we've got your back - you can come along to one of our dedicated training sessions, and make use of the tips on this page to help you!

All students are invited to attend the event, which will take place in Monterey (otherwise known as Cheese Room!) on Monday 21st February, from 6pm onwards.

Top tips to prepare for Meet the Candidates:

  • Ensure that you understand the role that you've nominated yourself for and the responsibilities it involves. You can read our role descriptions to find out more, or consider getting in touch with the current role holder if you have any questions. There won't be any trick questions - all questions are vetted by the Elections Committee to make sure they are fair.
  • Be clear about your manifesto aims and what you hope to achieve in post.
  • Take the time to prepare your opening speech and answers in advance, to reduce pressure on the night.
  • Get some practice in. Record yourself speaking and listen back - this will help to improve volume and pace. It sounds silly, but this is what the audience will hear on the night.
  • Body language can be really important when public speaking, so try to make sure that yours is open and relaxed.
  • If you're a nervous public speaker, don't let this put you off. Many people can get anxious about public speaking. This isn't unusual and you will surprise yourself on how well you overcome the challenge. Give it a go!
  • Remember, students are supportive on the night. Also, ask your campaign team and friends to be there on the night.

Come along to a workshop to prepare for Meet the Candidates!

If you'd like some more hints, tips and tricks to help you ace Meet The Candidates, why not pop along to one of our workshops?

Dates, times, and links to the sessions will be shared with candidates in due course.


At RUSU, we really value the importance of a fair and accessible election for all candidates. If you have any questions or concerns, or feel you would benefit from some reasonable adjustments to ensure this event is as accessible as possible, please contact us at