Writing an Election Manifesto

Before you get started

Your manifesto is a 250 word statement that tells people who you are, what you hope to achieve whilst in the role and why people should vote for you. It’s what people will see when they go online to vote, and will help to set you apart from the other candidates! Before you get started, think about the following:

  • Who are your voters? It’s important to remember that students are a diverse range of people, from different backgrounds and cultures, studying at different levels. Try to reach out to and appeal to those students who you want to vote for you!
  • Have you done your research? Asking students what they want to change can help you develop a manifesto which will create impact in the role. It can also help you get students on side by making sure you’re focused on what they want!
  • Are your goals feasible? All of these roles have many different aspects to them and your manifesto commitments won’t be the only things you’re working on. Make sure you focus on what’s important so you can get it done. This will help you achieve the biggest impact you can.

How to start writing

You might want to include:

  • A bit about yourself.
  • Why you’d be good for the role.
  • What you want to achieve in the role.

Top tips for writing:

  • Try to get your enthusiasm and commitment for the role across
  • Write in a way that students will understand and be clear and concise
  • Be creative!
  • Check that you haven't exceeded the 250-word limit – if you have, your words will be cut off at 250.
  • You may include hyperlinks in your manifesto (as long as they fit within the word limit) so you can link to more information about you and your campaign. The Elections Committee reserve the right to remove any hyperlinks deemed to link to anything inappropriate.
  • Remember how important formatting is for potential voters reading your manifesto – if you’re struggling with formatting on the website, get in touch with us at elections@rusu.co.uk.


You will need to also write an additional 3 bullet points, within a 50-word limit, to summarise your manifesto.

Your 50-word bullet point summary will be included on the candidates webpage and is a quick way for voters to learn who you are and what you want to achieve.

  • Your summary should be written underneath your manifesto in the same box
  • Use 3 bullet points and short, concise sentences
  • Check that you haven't exceeded the 50 word limit – if you have, your words will be cut off at 50.

How to upload onto your elections profile

  1. If you haven't already, nominate yourself online.
  2. To upload your manifesto, click on Manifesto and upload your 250 words.
  3. If you are a candidate in in the RUSU Leadership Elections, don't forget to write your 50 word summary in 3 bullet point format underneath your manifesto!
  4. You may also add a photo here, but this is not compulsory.
  5. Your manifesto must be submitted no later than the published deadline.

If you experience any problems or have any questions regarding this, please email elections@rusu.co.uk before the deadline.

Do I have to write a manifesto?

Manifestos are compulsory for some roles, meaning you’ll need to have submitted one before the manifesto deadline in order for your nomination to be approved. These roles are:

  • All Full-time Officer roles (including in any by-elections)
  • All Part-time Officer roles (including in any by-elections)

Manifestos are not compulsory for any other roles in our elections, but we highly recommend writing one anyway! They can be a really great way to help you get your message across to voters.

You may also upload a photo to go with your manifesto, but this is not compulsory for any role.

Still not sure about how to write or upload your manifesto?

Pop into the ARC in the RUSU building (where Reception is) and ask to speak with an Officer about your manifesto. Alternatively, email elections@rusu.co.uk and ask if you can arrange to talk to an Officer about your manifesto.

Example manifesto for RUSU elections
An example manifesto for RUSU elections