Writing a Referendum Manifesto

Getting started writing your statement

Your statement is your opportunity to explain your position, outline your argument, facts and supporting evidence, and tell people why they should vote for your side in the referendum.

  • Write in a way that students will understand and be clear and concise.
  • Outline your argument as clearly as possible – many students may not understand the complexities of the issue being voted on.
  • Be aware of who your voters are. Students are a diverse range of people, from different backgrounds and cultures, studying at different levels. Try to reach out to those students who you want to vote for your side.
  • Check your facts – don’t make claims that you cannot back up with evidence.
  • If you have made a factual claim, provide supporting evidence where necessary.
  • Ask a friend who knows nothing about the issue to proof-read your statement. Can they understand the issue and your argument without needing additional information? If not, then the average student probably won’t understand either.
  • Don’t write an essay – people are unlikely to read something that is too long. Be concise!

Format of your statement

You can write your statement in any format but please attempt to include the following:

  • fact(s) relevant to the proposal which can be independently seen to be true;
  • opinion(s) that you believe to be true, but other people may disagree with; and;
  • action(s) that you would like to see take place. This cannot include any actions which were not included in the original proposal. It can include no action in relation to the ‘No’ case statement.

Length of your statement

Your statement should be no longer than 500 words.

How to submit your statement

To submit your statement, please send a copy of it via email to elections@rusu.co.uk.

Deadline for submission

The deadline for the current referendum is 13:00 on Friday 19th November 2021.

Approval of statement(s)

The Deputy Returning Officer will be responsible for scrutinising and approving the statements to ensure that they comply with the Election & Referenda Rules.

The Deputy Returning Officer may make appropriate amendments if they deem it necessary.

Where your statement will appear

Your statement will appear on the referendum voting page. All students will be able to click to read the case for (the Yes case statement) and read the case against (the No case statement).

Click Read case for or Read case against to read your statement.

Any problems

If you experience any problems or have any questions regarding your statement, please email elections@rusu.co.uk before the deadline.