Postgraduate Elections

Postgraduate Course Reps and School Reps represent postgraduate student views on academic issues on every postgraduate taught course. They act as the link between students and the academic staff at either course or school level; ensuring the student voice is being heard and positive changes are being made in every school.

If you want the opportunity to take an active role in your postgraduate education and improve the teaching and learning experience for postgraduate taught students - get involved!

Download the Autumn 2018 elections results
Postgraduate Taught Part-Time Officers

Postgraduate taught students can put themselves forward as candidates for the Postgraduate (Taught) Part-time Officer position. The successful candidate would hold this position from October to end of the following September.

You will have the opportunity to campaign on issues that affect you and your peers. You have access to resources and support in order to make position change on campus, within the Union and on a national level. You will work with other Union Reps and develop relationships with students and staff on campus.

Postgraduate Research Part-Time Officers

Every October, postgraduate research students can stand to be the Postgraduate (Research) Part-time Officer. The Postgraduate (Research) Part-time Officer's term in office runs from October to the following June.

This is a great way to represent your peers at an institutional level and is a way to get to work with academics and staff across the University and the Union whilst making a real difference during your time here at Reading.


If you would like to find out more about the Postgraduate School Rep or Postgraduate Course Rep roles, please contact your RUSU Education Officer at

If you would like to find out more about the Postgraduate Taught Students’ Part-time Officer role or Postgraduate Research Students’ Part-time Officer role please contact your RUSU Diversity Officer at

Postgraduate course and school reps for Reading University Students' Union