Postgraduate Elections

Postgraduate Course and School Reps represent postgraduate student views on academic issues on both postgraduate taught and research programmes. They act as the link between students and academic staff at either course or school level; ensuring that the student voice is being heard and positive changes are being made.

The Postgraduate Taught Part-time Officer is elected every Autumn to sit alongside the other 9 PTOs representing minority groups on campus. They represent all PGT students and ensure that any issues are heard by both RUSU and the University.

Ten Postgraduate Student Voice Members are elected to lead on steering the direction of RUSU by debating and amending policy and campaign ideas and holding the Full-time Officers to account on their actions.

If you want the opportunity to take an active role in your postgraduate education and improve the student experience for all postgraduate students- get involved!

Postgraduate Course Reps

Postgraduate Course Reps represent postgraduate students’ views within their course on matters concerning teaching and learning as well as the wider student experience. They work in partnership with both students and academic staff and work together to create changes that benefit postgraduate students.

Postgraduate School Reps

Postgraduate School Reps represent student views within their school on matters concerning teaching, learning and student experience. They act as the link between students and higher-level academic staff, working in partnership to ensure the student voice is being heard and positive changes are being made.

Postgraduate Taught Part-Time Officer

Postgraduate taught students can put themselves forward as candidates for the Postgraduate (Taught) Part-time Officer position. The successful candidate would hold this position from October to end of the following September.

You will have the opportunity to campaign on issues that affect you and your peers. You have access to resources and support in order to make position change on campus, within the Union and on a national level. You will work with other Union Reps and develop relationships with students and staff on campus.

Student Voice Members

At Student Voice meetings, 55 Student Voice Members debate ideas submitted by students through Change It, review progress on ideas and hold the Full-time Officers to account. 4 students are elected as part of these 55 students as ‘undergraduate’ representatives to make sure that undergraduate needs are represented.

Postgraduate elections timeline - Autumn 2019

Nominations open Friday 20th September
Week 0

Log in to the RUSU website, using your university username and password, to nominate yourself for any of the following roles:

  • PG Course Reps
  • PG School Reps
  • PG Taught Part-time Officer
  • PG Student Voice Members
Submit your Manifesto and photo Monday 14th October
Week 3

Candidates for PG School Reps and PG Taught Part-time Officer MUST submit a 250-word limit manifesto/photo online to complete their nomination.

This is advisable for candidates for PG Course Reps and PG Student Voice Member although it is not compulsory for these candidates.

Nominations close Monday 14th October
Week 3

Candidates MUST complete their nomination online by this deadline.

Candidates announce they are running in the elections Monday 14th October
Week 3

Candidates are encouraged to announce they have nominated themselves at this point.

Voting opens Tuesday 15th October
Week 3

Log in to the RUSU website to vote online.

Voting closes Friday 18th October
Week 3

Log in to the RUSU website to vote online.

Complaints Friday 18th October
Week 3
Complaints should be made to Chief Executive, Deputy Returning Officer (ask at RUSU Reception)
Count Friday 18th October
15:30pm – 17:00
Week 3
Election results are counted.
Results Monday 21st October
Week 4
Election results will be published here
Winner’s Event Wednesday 23rd October
18:00 - 20:00
Week 4
All winners are invited to come along to our Winner’s Event in Monterey Lounge, RUSU Building.
Training Sessions held between 29th October & 8th November
Weeks 5 – 7

All PG Course and School Reps invited to sign up to attend an Induction Training Session.

All PG Student Voice members invited to sign up to attend a Student Voice Training Session.


If you would like to find out more about the Postgraduate Course or School Rep roles, please contact your RUSU Education Officer at

If you would like to find out more about the Postgraduate Taught Students’ Part-time Officer role or Postgraduate Research Students’ Part-time Officer role please contact your RUSU Diversity Officer at

If you would like to find out more about the Student Voice member positions please contact your RUSU President at

Postgraduate course and school reps for Reading University Students' Union
RUSU Education Officer 2020/21 George Ingram

Education Officer
George Ingram

RUSU Diversity Officer 2020/21 Rachel Wates

Diversity Officer
Rachel Wates

RUSU President 2020/21 Rachel Osborne

Rachel Osborne