Postgraduate Course Rep

What's the role?

Over 200 Postgraduate Course Rep positions are available each Autumn to represent student views at University meetings. Postgraduate Course Reps gather student feedback highlighting any positives or negatives relating to their course and bring it to the attention of university staff. Working in partnership with the University, Reps create positive change within their course to benefit both current and future students.

Becoming a Postgraduate Course Rep is a great way to meet people, develop new skills and to make a real difference during your time here at Reading!

What's involved?

  • Liaise with students, gain feedback and represent the student voice
  • Work alongside other Course Reps, the PG Senior Rep and RUSU Education Officer
  • Work with University staff to create positive changes to your course
  • Attend termly Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings with departmental staff
  • Attend Course Rep Consultations ran by your School Rep and the Academic Rep Coordinator

What's in it for me?

  • Work with and on the behalf of students on your Course
  • Receive extensive training and develop your transferable skills
  • Network and build relationships within the University & the Students’ Union
  • Gain excellent career –boosting experience to enhance your CV
  • Add the role to your degree transcript and the volunteering and training hours contribute to your RED Award.
  • All activities go towards tier level RUSU Rep recognition scheme and rewards programme.
  • Optional RUSU training sessions for TEF, UoR quality processes including Periodic Review training and Student Scrutiny Panel training.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for this role you must be a current full-time or part-time student studying at Postgraduate level. To run for the role of Postgraduate Course Rep, you must be enrolled on the correct year and course you wish to represent. If you have any issues applying, please contact

Running to be a Postgraduate Course Rep doesn’t make you ineligible to nominate yourself for the other Postgraduate positions available, you can still apply to be a PG Senior Rep, Student Voice member or PGT Part-time Officer.

If you are an IoE student, you may be interested in the IoE Early Starter Rep position.