Student Voice Members

Postgraduate Student Voice Members represent postgraduate student views at RUSU’s student forums. This includes thinking about postgraduate concerns, debating ideas submitted by other students and asking RUSU’s Full Time Officers questions about how they’re representing postgraduates.

What is Student Voice?

Student Voice is a RUSU forum where:

  • Ideas from students are discussed, put forward to campus-wide votes and their progress is reviewed.
  • Student Officers are questioned and held to account on progress made towards their commitments to students.

What's involved?

  • Attending three Student Voice meetings throughout the academic year. Time commitment: approx… 10 hours for the whole year!
  • Debating students’ ideas for change submitted to Change It.
  • Voting on which ideas submitted to Change It should go to an all student vote.
  • Reviewing progress made on Change It ideas that have won an all student vote.
  • Scrutinising the work of Full-Time Officers.
  • Promoting Change It idea submission and voting periods.

If you want to get involved in your Students’ Union, this is a fantastic way to get started! We welcome all students as we value your voice. Start shaping your Union today!

What's in it for me?

  • The ability to guide the democratic processes of RUSU.
  • An opportunity to develop new skills, gain a unique insight into the Students’ Union & develop your transferrable skills.
  • Networking opportunities with fellow students, elected reps and RUSU staff.
  • The chance to hold your Student Officers to account on their work throughout the year.
  • Opportunities to influence positive change within the Union and across the University.

How do I get involved?

To be eligible for this role you must be a current full-time or part-time student studying at the University of Reading.

All students can run for this position (except Erasmus students undertaking a semester at Reading, students studying night classes and students studying abroad). Undergraduates wanting to be a Student Voice Member should go to the Undergraduate elections. You can also become a Student Voice Member by being appointed by a Student Officer.

RUSU Student Voice Chair 2020/21 Rish Rajput

Student Voice Chair
Rish Rajput