Part-time Officer By-election

What are the roles?

We are electing two new Part-time Officers to join our current team. We are electing:

  • Black Students’ Part-time Officer
  • Mature Students’ Part-time Officer

Part-time Officers represent their student group on campus and beyond by running inclusive campaigns & events, and hosting student networks. They act as a key contact for students on campus, attending meetings on behalf of their student group both within RUSU and the University. Part-time Officers work together to support each other and ensure every student has a voice on campus.

Am I eligible?

You must fulfil the following criteria to run for the roles:

  • For the position of Black Students’ Officer, you must identify as a Black student.
  • For the position of Mature Students’ Officer, you must identify as a mature student.
  • You cannot nominate yourself for both roles at the same time.

You may need to self-define in order to be eligible for a position.

For more information on student group definitions, please look at our definitions guide.

What's in it for me?

Becoming a Part-time Officer will give you a number of fantastic opportunities to develop and enhance new skills that you may not get directly from your academic experience. Many of these skills are transferrable, and will be a huge asset to you in the future.

Some examples of these skills include:

  • Project Management & Leadership. You can develop this highly sought after experience by leading on projects for the benefit of your student group.
  • Networking & Teamwork. Get the opportunity to make new contacts within the University and beyond; many of these contacts may provide references for you later down the line! You will also work closely with the other Part-time Officers and relevant student groups across the University
  • Copywriting & Design. You’ll have the opportunity to help develop content for RUSU’s social channels and The Reading Rep magazine, a skill which is very useful in the workplace.

These are just three examples of some of the skills you can gain, but there is the scope for you to develop the skills you value most for your future career. Whether it be policy writing, media creation, or public speaking, we’ll give you the tools to develop your ideas for the benefit of underrepresented students at Reading.

Can I find out more?

For more information on each individual role, you can check out our Part-time Officer role guide. If you have any questions about the nomination or voting process, or would like some help, please email

For some helpful tips on running in these elections, such as how to write a manifesto, check out our candidate resources.