RUSU Main Elections

Self define so you don't miss out

Some elections and roles require you to self-define before you are able to nominate or vote. Please make sure that you self-define in your elections profile before taking part in an election.

If you're not sure what self-definitions you should select, we have a guide to RUSU student definitions for you to consult.

RUSU Main Elections 2020

This is your time to represent, lead and change! RUSU Main Elections 2020 is your opportunity to nominate yourself for one of the leadership roles here at RUSU. Nominations will remain open from the 13th January until the 7th February. You will have 4 days to vote. Voting opens at 7am, Tuesday 25th February and closes at 3pm, Friday 28th February. Winners will be announced on Friday 28th at the Results Party in RUSU. If you have any questions, please contact

30 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 15:00 on Friday 7 February 2020 (in 15 days)

The polls open at 07:00 on Tuesday 25 February 2020 (in 4 weeks and 5 days)

Post List
Read more about the positions up for election and what each role entails.

Completing your nomination

  1. If you are running for a Full-time Officer or Part-time Officer position, you must upload your manifesto (max 250 words). You should also add a 3-bullet point summary of your manifesto (max 50 words). It is easy to do and if you need any help, have a look at our guide to writing a manifesto. Although not compulsory for Student Trustee and UG Senior Rep roles, a manifesto is a great way to tell students why they should vote for you and the 3 bullet points will be used in RUSU promotion.

    You may want to check out our guide to writing an election manifesto.

  2. If you are running for a Full-time or Part-time Officer role, please submit your election poster to This will be published in our online Candidates Booklet and used on RUSU Election Candidate Promotional displays.

    You may want to check out our guide to creating an elections poster.

  3. All candidates must complete the online Candidates Consent form.

    The deadline for completing your candidate information submission is no later than 12:00 on Friday, 14th February 2020.

    You will be invited to attend a Candidates Meeting which will take place on Tuesday 11th February. We will contact you nearer the time with the time for your meeting.

    Please make sure to set your self-definitions. Please also encourage your friends to - it's really quick to do!

    If you have any questions about your nomination, please email

    This year, voting will take place over a 4-day period. Voting opens at 07:00, Tuesday 25th February 2020 and closes at 15:00, Friday, 28th February 2020. During this time, you can speak to students and encourage them to vote for you. Don't forget to vote for yourself!

Full-Time Officer Roles

RUSU Full-time Officers take on leadership roles within RUSU. They are elected to make sure each and every student gets the most they can out of their time at Reading and love their student experience.

Part-Time Officer Roles

RUSU Part-time Officers exist to defend and extend the rights of specific groups of students. They also campaign on specific issues that are of concern or affect students.

Student Trustee Role

RUSU Student Trustees join the RUSU Trustee Board. They ensure RUSU is well-governed, well-managed, maintains financial stability and continues to work to achieve our vision and meet organisational objectives.

Undergraduate Senior Rep Roles

RUSU Senior Reps lead a team of Course Reps and ensure students’ interests are represented at a school level. They get involved projects relating to quality in teaching and learning and the student experience.

Candidates Resources

If you are thinking of standing for any of the roles, have a look at our resource hub. Here you will find useful information for candidates, such as helpful tips on writing a manifesto, budget and printing guidelines.

Candidates Key Dates

Check out this area for all the dates, times and venues of any meetings, trainings and events going on throughout the entire elections period. If you are a candidate, this is a great place to look for times/dates.

Candidates Question Time

This is your opportunity to find out more about each candidate and find out how they respond to questions about the role and what they want to achieve.


Frequently asked questions about RUSU main elections.