Full-Time Officer Roles

Reading University Students' Union is led by five Full-time Officers. They are elected to make sure each and every student gets the most they can out of their time at Reading and loves their student experience.

As a Full-time Officer you will lead RUSU and provide support, representation, facilities and opportunities for all students. It’s also a paid role, with a salary of circa £20,000.

The roles typically start in June each year. You can start once you have completed your studies or, where applicable, you can take a sabbatical year during your programme. If you are a one-year postgraduate student, we can also look at ways to ensure you can complete your dissertation alongside starting this role.

What's involved in being a Full-time officer?

The five Full-time Officers represent students on a range of issues. From welfare to education, democracy and diversity to all types of student activities, the Full-time Officer team support and empower students at Reading.

They sit on the RUSU Trustee Board and are members of a range of University Committees, ensuring that students’ voices are heard at the highest levels.

So, whichever role you decide to go for, you’ll gain a diverse range of experiences. From leading campaigns and influencing change to managing budgets and governing RUSU, the Full-time Officers run the Union to ensure it works for all students.

Inclusion and Communities Officer

The Inclusion and Communities Officer takes a lead on projects within RUSU that promote diversity and inclusion, whilst also working to maintain a sense of community belonging on campus and beyond. They will also work alongside RUSU’s Part-time Officers to ensure all students are represented throughout their time at Reading.

Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer is responsible for developing and managing welfare initiatives and campaigns at RUSU. They also work to support and promote the RUSU Advice Service and oversee the work of RUSU’s Student Life Representatives (SLRs).


As team leader, the President is responsible for coordinating the delivery of the Full-time Officer team priorities. They ensure all RUSU decisions follow the democratic process within the Constitution, and oversee RUSU’s democratic initiatives including supporting the Student Voice Members. Other aspects of the remit includes leading on external affairs, sustainability, commercial services and links between campuses.

Education Officer

The Education Officer works to ensure your best interests are being represented in teaching and learning at the University. They aim to improve the academic experience and strengthen working relationships between University staff and RUSU’s Academic Reps.

Activities and Opportunities Officer

The Activities and Opportunities Officer is responsible for overseeing the development of all RUSU sports clubs, societies, volunteering schemes, RAG, and student media. The Activities and Opportunities Officer will also work alongside key staff in RUSU and the University to provide and promote development opportunities for students at Reading.