Key Dates

You can access the elections timeline here. We know some of the words and the activities in the timeline can be confusing so we have done a quick explanation here to hopefully answer your questions!

If your question is still unanswered check out the FAQ page or email

Nomination Deadline

By this deadline you must submit your name and confirm your contact details online to nominate yourself in this election. You do not have to have finished your manifesto.

You can

  • Upload your manifesto and poster if you have completed it
  • Continue edit your nomination and manifesto

You can't

  • Make any changes to your name or contact details after this time

Submission of Election Manifesto & Poster Period

By this deadline you must have completed your manifesto and uploaded it to your nomination and have completed your poster and emailed it to

You can

  • Use the colour you chose in the candidates meeting in your poster

You can't

  • Edit your manifesto or bullet points after this date
  • Share the contents of your manifesto with students

Announcement of Candidacy

From this date you can tell students that you are running in the elections and which role you are running for.

You can

  • Announce your candidacy as many times as you wish online and face to face
  • Announce on any/all social media platforms
  • Say which position you are running for
  • Tell students about key election dates e.g. voting
  • Use your existing social media channels

You can't

  • Use your campaign colour in any posts
  • State any points from your manifesto
  • Ask students to vote for you
  • Use any materials you will be campaigning with
  • Create any new social media channels related to your campaign

Online Campaigning Period

During this time, you can begin to campaign online for students’ votes.

You can

  • Create any new social media channels
  • Use your campaign colour
  • Ask students to vote for you
  • Say what is in your manifesto

You can't

  • Use any campaign materials bought for the election e.g. posting a photo in your campaign t-shirt (this includes anything which would be required on your expenses form)
  • Ask students to vote for you in person

Full Campaigning Period

During this time you can continue to campaign online but you can also fully campaign, including speaking to students face to face and using campaign materials. Remember to adhere to the election rules.

You can

  • Use materials bought with your elections budget
  • Ask students to vote for you
  • Continue to use social media
  • Use points from your manifesto

You can't

  • Break the election rules

Voting Period

This is the time in which students can cast their votes

You can

  • Tell students why they should vote for you
  • Explain the voting system to students
  • Tell students how to cast their votes

You can't

  • Vote on behalf of anyone else
  • Bribe someone to vote for you
  • Tell students not to vote for someone else

Expenses Deadline

By this time you must hand in your signed and completed Expenses Form and ALL receipts to RUSU Reception.

You must complete this form even if you haven’t spent any budget.

You can

  • Hand it in early if it is complete and you don’t spend any more money

You can't

  • Spend more money after handing in your expenses form
  • Spend more money than the budget (even if it is your own money)

Complaints Deadline

This is the time you must have made any complaints about other candidates or the election by in order to be considered by the Elections Committee.

You can

  • Use the election rules to help you with your complaint
  • Submit a complaint at any time throughout the elections period