Part-Time Officer Roles

The Part-Time Officer roles exist to defend and extend the rights of specific groups of students. They also campaign on issues that are of concern to or affect students. RUSU’s Part-Time Officers campaign on behalf of these groups as students, and members of society at a local & national level.

All roles are voluntary positions which last for one year. These roles can be held alongside your studies.

Some Part-time Officer roles will require you to self-define in order to be eligible to run as a candidate. You can do self-define via your elections profile once you have logged in (using your Univeristy username and password) and clicked on nominate now button.

See our student definitions for a description of specific student definitions, including those that require you to self-define.

Postgraduate Research Students' Officer

RUSU defines a postgraduate research student as a student on a postgraduate research mode of study or who is in the writing up stage of their postgraduate research.

Trans Students' Officer

RUSU defines a trans students as someone who identifies as a different gender to the one they were assigned at birth.

Disabled Students' Officer

RUSU defines a disabled student as anyone who self-defines as disabled, whether they are physically disabled or have a hidden disability, such as mental health issues.

Women's Officer

RUSU defines a woman as anyone who self-defines as a woman, including (if they wish) those with gender identities which include ‘woman’, and those who experience oppression as a woman.

BAME Students' Officer

RUSU defines a BAME student as anyone who self-defines as Black, Asian or any other minority ethnic group this can include but is not limited to African, Middle Eastern, Caribbean or Asian descent; and/or descended from the indigenous populations of the Americas and/or the South Pacific.

LGBQ+ Students' Officer

At RUSU we use the acronym LGBQ+ to represent students that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or questioning or within any other sexual minority or gender identity.

International Students' Officer

RUSU defines an international student as anyone who self-defines as having an international background, whether that means anyone who comes to the UK to study or who have lived in or meaningfully interacted with two or more cultural environments. This includes students from both within and outside the European Union (EU) and those who pay both home and international fees.

Mature Students' Officer

RUSU defines a mature student as a student who started their undergraduate course aged 21 and over or their postgraduate course aged 25 or over.

Environment & Ethics Officer

Environmental and ethical issues are often an underrepresented issue in society. RUSU recognises the importance of having a student to represent and campaign to improve sustainability within the union and university.

RUSU President 2020/21 Rachel Osborne

Rachel Osborne

RUSU Education Officer 2020/21 George Ingram

Education Officer
George Ingram