Mature Students' Officer Role

The Mature Students’ Part-time Officer forms part of our diversity team, working alongside other student reps to promote the views of the student body. This voluntary role should take no more than 10-12 hours a term to fulfil, though this is flexible depending on you and what you want to achieve.

What does the Mature Students’ Officer do?

The Mature Students’ Officer represents the views and interests of mature undergraduate and postgraduate students, by acting on behalf of mature students within RUSU and the University. As Mature Students’ Officer, you’ll be invited to attend meetings and discussions to provide insight from a mature student’s perspective. You’ll also act as a key point of contact, helping to build a support network for mature students at the University of Reading.

On top of this, you’ll have the help and resources needed to lead on projects for the benefit of mature students, such as campaigns and events. It’s a great opportunity to develop new skills, all whilst improving the university experience shared by the students you represent.

What skills or experience can I gain?

Becoming a Part-time Officer will give you a number of fantastic opportunities to develop and enhance new skills that you may not get directly from your academic experience. Many of these skills are transferrable, and will be a huge asset to you in the future.

If you’ve returned to study after spending time in a career, you may be able to use the opportunity to refine your skills, or learn completely new things that you haven’t had the chance to explore before!

Some examples of these skills include:

  • Project Management & Leadership. You can develop and refine this highly sought after experience by leading on projects for the benefit of mature students.
  • Event Planning. Refine or develop skills in event planning & hosting with dedicated support from a team of staff within RUSU.
  • Copywriting & Design. You’ll have the opportunity to help develop content for RUSU’s social channels and The Reading Rep magazine, getting hands on with a range of digital media.

These are just three examples of some of the skills you can gain, but there is the scope for you to develop the skills you value most highly. Whether it be policy writing, media creation, or public speaking, we’ll give you the tools to develop your ideas for the benefit of all mature students.

It sounds great! How do I get the role?

First, you’ll need to ensure you are eligible - RUSU defines a mature student as any undergraduate student who started their course aged 21 and over, or any postgraduate student who started their course aged 25 and over.

RUSU also considers students who self-define as having been financially independent for three years prior to the start of their undergraduate course, as having caring responsibilities and/or as care leavers, as mature students.

You can self-define as a mature student in your your elections profile.

You’ll need to nominate yourself for the role when elections open. You’ll then need to submit a short manifesto detailing why you think you would make a great Mature Students’ Officer. We have written a guide on how to write a great manifesto to help you to do this.

Even if you decide against running, make sure you self-define and vote in the election to choose who represents you!

Like the idea, but this specific role isn’t for you? Check out our other Part-time Officer roles, or see how else you can get involved.