Postgraduate Research Students' Officer Role

RUSU defines a postgraduate research student as a student on a postgraduate research mode of study or who is in the writing up stage of their postgraduate research.

What's the role?

Representing Postgraduate Research Students’ interests within the:

  • Union
  • University
  • NUS Sections Conference

What's involved?

You will be acting:

As a Contact

  • Key point of contact for postgraduate research Students
  • Signpost students to the relevant services
  • Engage postgraduate research students with the Union’s democratic functions
  • Lead a students’ network

As a Campaigner

A campaign can consist of events, initiatives and projects

  • Run campaigns that create positive change
  • Plan awareness raising events and activities
  • Work with the other Full-time and Part-time Officers (particularly the Mature Students’ and Postgraduate Taught Students’ Officers’) on inclusive campaigns to improve the student experience of postgraduates

As a Representative

Represent postgraduate research students’ interests within the union, university and nationally by:

  • Attending university committees, including the University Board for Research and Innovation
  • Speaking up at Student Voice
  • Attending RUSU’s Liberation and Representation Committee

All for the benefit of Postgraduate Students.

What’s in it for me?

  • Great networking opportunities both within the university and outside
  • A chance to create positive change for current and future postgraduate research students
  • Build valuable relations with academic staff
  • Develop skills and get experience future employers will notice
  • Meet new people

Am I eligible?

If you are a Postgraduate Research student and are enrolled on a course for the academic year of the election then yes, you are!

How do I get this role?

You’ll need to nominate yourself for the role when elections open. You’ll need to submit a short manifesto detailing what you’d like to achieve as Postgraduate Research Students’ Officer. We have written a guide on how to write a great manifesto.

Download Part-Time Officer role description and time commitment
RUSU President 2020/21 Rachel Osborne

Rachel Osborne

RUSU Education Officer 2020/21 George Ingram

Education Officer
George Ingram