Summer Elections

RUSU’s Summer Elections allow students to vote for who they think should lead the organisation for the next year. This year, the Summer Elections include the Mature Students' Part-time Officer and the Undergraduate Senior Rep By-Elections.

Think one of these could be a role for you? Fantastic! You can find all of the role descriptions right here on this page. Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of our 4 Full-time Officers to talk about the roles in more depth, or email

PTO By-election

RUSU Part-time Officers exist to defend and extend the rights of specific groups of students. They also campaign on specific issues that are of concern or affect students.

Senior Rep By-election

RUSU Senior Reps lead a team of Course Reps and ensure students’ interests are represented at a school level. They get involved projects relating to quality in teaching and learning and the student experience.


How to vote, how to stand in an election, and other frequently asked questions.

Key Dates

The timeline of elections events for the academic year.