RUSU Diversity Officer – Nozomi Tolworthy 雷希望

I’m Nozomi Tolworthy. Hailing from Hong Kong and being biracial, I have recently found myself exploring my cross-cultural kid (CCK) identity more and looking at how this experience affects my sense of cultural belonging, and my sense of home.

Running as your Students’ Union Diversity Officer, I hope to create an accepting and inclusive environment where every student feels a part of a community, and hopefully, also at home.

Inclusivity media campaign

  • Work with students and societies to launch a platform that explores all aspects of diversity.
  • Through a variety of mediums such as short videos, articles, recipes, photographs and reviews, this student collaboration will promote awareness and understanding of our different cultures, languages, the LGBTQ+ community, religion and much more.

Campus cohesion

  • Create a global campus for everyone where more festivities are widely celebrated (Chinese New Year, Easter, Diwali, Ramadan, and more!)
  • Develop a network for cross-cultural students who are teetering on the edge of cultures.
  • Cultivate an unprejudiced and globalised mindset with workshops, panel discussions, film screenings and exhibitions throughout the year to promote awareness of current issues (mental health, gender equality etc) and highlight historical importance (women’s history, black history, LGBTQ+ history etc).

Accessible resources

  • Make myself, as Diversity Officer, available during weekly drop-in sessions for students to discuss anything from contributing to the inclusivity media campaign to reporting inequality or discriminatory behaviour.
  • Make anonymous reporting available for all students to address harassment or discrimination against them.


  • Inclusivity media campaign - promote awareness of diversity on campus using media to ignite the student voice.
  • Cohesion on campus - cultivate an unprejudiced and globalised mindset amongst students.
  • Accessible resources - equal and easier access to university services and support resources for every student.
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