RUSU President – Jason Dabydoyal

  • Your Union: Representing all students and rewarding you with points when engaging with the Students' Union.
  • Your Uni: Maximising study space and delivering on facilities for current students.
  • You: Providing students with a range of opportunities including jobs, volunteering, entertainment, events and enrichment.

As current students we have seen our library become unusable, strike action by our staff and accomodation prices rising. These are only a few examples of why we are forgetting to prioritise what makes our University, it's you: the students. It's Your Union, Your Uni, and it's more vital than ever that your needs are put first. Let's forget Transform 2026, we want Priority 2018.

Student Engagement

  • RUSU loyalty points scheme: Rewarding students for their purchases and engagement with the SU.
  • RUSU App: Make Union and University events accessible so you always know what's going on.

Study Spaces

  • Maximise the £1 million RUSU grant to create The Study 2.0
  • Promoting study spaces off-campus to reduce pressure felt by students until the library is completed.

International Students

  • Translation of key documents on housing, mental health and affordability into a wider set of languages.


  • Dedicated spaces for Postgraduate study.
  • Improving our welcome programme for Postgraduates.


  • Helping students find jobs and opportunities by working with Campus Jobs and Careers.


  • Finding accomodation can be incredibly stressful. I want to improve the returners process with halls, help students with private housing and keep pushing for more affordable accomodation.
  • Work with our arrivals teams to ensure new students who are given temporary accomodation are swiftly allocated accomodation.

The University of Reading are thinking about students in 2026. I'm dedicated to working for students in 2018.

Your Union, Your Uni, You.

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