RUSU Activities Officer – Ali Perry

Encourage sports teams to socialise on Wednesday afternoons

  • Part of the renown rugby tradition is to socialise at the club house after a match, this encourages a friendly and great atmosphere after the competitive sport.
  • Encourage this by teaming with mojos to provide a discount or deal on food/drink on Wednesday afternoons (match days) for all sports.

Introduce a girls’ University wide sport

  • Currently there's a football league across uni for boys who don’t want to play sport to a committed BUCs level but still get the opportunity to participate in a fun, competitive team.
  • Introduce a popular girls’ sport where they can play for their course/halls/old girls team e.g netball/hockey.

A society showcase evening

  • Some societies are less well known and do not have matches to demonstrate all their hard work and efforts.
  • Create a showcase for individuals and societies to demonstrate their talents e.g dance, singing, art.

Promote better support for BUCs teams

  • Watching matches becomes more of an event, increasing morale for players (leading to more wins!).
  • Promote across social media and university emails with details of time and location prior to event and create better areas for supporters, either increased seating or shelter.

Promote societies mixing with RAG and each other

  • Create RAG socials to encourage societies to mix, meet new people whilst fundraising for charity e.g basketball, ballet and the vegetarian society have a themed fancy dress social at park bar.


  • Encourage sports team to socialise on Wednesday afternoon by teaming with Mojos for food and drink discounts/deals.
  • Introduce a girls University wide sport that allows competitive and social play outside of BUCs e.g netball/hockey.
  • A society showcase evening to allow all societies to perform their talents.
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