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Want to catch up with what has happened at Student Voice or Student Officer Scrutiny? 

Have a look at the minutes of the meetings that have taken place over the last year or so.

Student Voice
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Student Voice

  • Student Voice: 12th May 2011  1. Resignation Of VP Academic Affairs 2. Student Officer Updates 3. Student Chosen Campaign 4. Student Submitted Motion 5. Proposed Restructure Of RUSU Liberation & Representation Groups 6. Tuition Fees 7. Campaign Update 8. Items for Information 9. Announcements (PDF, 1.4MB)
  • Student Voice: 18th October 2011  1. Introduction 2. Election of the AGM Chair and Vice Chair 3. Student Chosen Campaign 4. Article 4 Directive 5. Student Charter 6. Student Officer Promotion 7. Any Other Business(PDF, 178KB)
  • Student Voice: 22nd November 2011  1. NUS Referenda & RUSU AGM Update, 2. Student Voice Structure, 3. Any Other Business
  • Student Voice: 24th January 2012   1. Introduction to the meeting, 2. Student Chosen Campaign, 3. Your Thoughts : Student Safety, 4. Student Chosen campaign Update: Your Uni, Your SportsPark, 5. Student Officer Promotion, 6. Any Other Business
  • Student Voice – Time for a New Library: 21st February 2012    1. Welcome & Introductions, 2. Aberdeen University Video, 3.Sophie Richardson, impact of Queen Mary’s library refurbishment, 4.Your feedback on the library 5.Panel members response 6.Thanks & close of library part of the meeting: NUS Week of Action (Chair: Freddie Clifford) 7.Chairs introduction, 8.NUS President Video, 9.Proposal of motion, 10.Questions/feedback/amendments, 11.Any other business (PDF, 2MB)
  • Student Voice – Bulmershe: 2nd May 2012   1. Welcome & Introductions, 2.Student Chosen Campaign Update: Campaign for better provision of performance spaces on Campus.3.Bulmershe campus discussion.a.Bulmershe campaign proposal.b.RUSU Shop discussion.4.Student Officer Promotion.5.Any other business
  • Student Voice:  3rd May 2012   1.Welcome & Introductions, 2.Student Chosen Campaign Update: Campaign for better provision of performance spaces on Campus. 3.Student Chosen Campaign Proposals,a.Men’s Awareness Group, b.Tutor the Tutor, c.A Fair deal for Bulmershe, 4.Policy Discussion, a.Nestlé boycott, 5.Your thoughts…, 6.Student Officer Promotion, 7.Any other Business
  • Student Voice: 18th June 2012  1. Introduction, 2. Student Chosen Campaign Update: A Fair Deal for Bulmershe, 3. Policy Discussion: a. Gender Equality, b. Nestlé boycott, c. Paying Part-time student officers, d. Uni-sex Toilets, e. NUS National Demonstration referendum, 4. No Platform
  • Student Voice: 16th October 2012  1. Introduction to the meeting  2. Will we March?  3. Motions for RUSU Policy a. Banning Nestle products from RUSU outlets b. Furthering the gender equality cause on campus  4. Campaign Proposals  a. Safety on Campus b. Lower Accommodation Fees 5. Close of meeting
  • Student Voice: 20th November 2012 1. Welcome and Introductions 2.Campaigning Update 3.Appointment of AGM Chair and Deputy Chair 4.Motions for Policy and Campaign Proposals 5. NUS Delegate Hustings 6.Close of meeting
  • Student Voice: 29th January 2013  1. Welcome and Introductions 2.Changing the University Calendar 3.Motions for Policy and Campaign Proposals 4.Disabled Students’ Committee 5. Close of meeting



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Any Questions?

If you have any questions about democracy within your Students’ Union, please get in touch with your Student Engagement Officer.

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