Welfare Officer – Rose Lennon

My name is Rose Lennon, a student of Theatre arts, education and deaf studies. I was previously the Reading RAG events coordinator and course rep.


Provide an online confidential helpline service giving support to students

  • This will be completely private allowing students to open up in confidentiality without it being on their records.
  • This will be in the form of a quick online service instead of a lengthy waiting list to talk with someone face to face.
  • This shall be run by fully trained students providing professional advice and help.

Provide Drug and alcohol education with safety advice instead of stigmatising the topic

  • Providing the FRANK campaign (Friendly, confidential drug advice) with a bigger platform in the University.
  • Have better promotion of the units within alcoholic drinks provided to combat binge drinking and encourage healthy drinking attitudes.
  • Start up a health initiative pack, providing students with drug testing kits and information on what to do in certain situations.

Help improve University catering with responsible healthy choices while giving the students more of a voice on food options provided

  • Ensure the food provided to students has a clear indication as to what is in it and calories listed so people make an informed choice.
  • More variety in food is needed, providing healthier options more regularly.
  • Catered students should have their say on what meals are provided termly by implementing a suggestion and voting system.

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