Part-Time Officers

Each year our students elect a team of ten Part-Time Officers who represent and liberate the rights of students who are under-represented or discriminated against. Each Officer has a specific role description and a manifesto which highlights things that they aim to achieve during their elected year to improve your student experience.

Mature & Postgraduate meeting point

Monday 11:30am – 3:30pm / Tuesday 10:00am – 3:00pm / Thursday 10:00am – 3:00pm

The Mature and Postgraduate Students' meeting point is your chance to meet other likeminded mature and postgraduate students during Welcome Week. Running Monday, Tuesday and Thursday hear talks from Student Wellbeing and Study Advice, take part in a mindfulness session with the Chaplaincy and have lunch with the Vice Chancellor.

Schedule to be confirmed.

Your Part-Time Officer team

London Road Students' Officer – Shanie Noakes

  1. Create a more collaborative relationship between RUSU and London Road.
  2. To improve communication and opportunities between Whiteknights and London Road.
  3. Increase student engagement activities by running more social and welfare events.
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Postgraduate Research Students' Officer – Niloofar Borghei

  1. Improve the efficiency of mental health welfare initiatives for PhD students.
  2. Enhancing the quality of RRDP courses in collaboration with the Graduate School.
  3. Develop the teaching training programme to prepare the PhD students for future teaching opportunities.
  4. Consider the possibility of holding a Tedx Conference at the University of Reading University.
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Environment and Ethics Officer – Kyle Smith

  1. Increase environmental engagement through running a photography competition, rerun Green Week and support other environmental events on campus.
  2. Push the university to divest from investing in the fossil fuel industry.
  3. Encourage biodiversity on campus through new wildlife habitats.
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International Students' Officer – Karim Helbawi

  1. Creating opportunities for International students to network in preparation for life after undergraduate studies by creating networking events and guest lectures.
  2. Promoting a higher level of international student integration within internal operations of the university as well as providing the opportunity to explore areas outside of Reading and the U.K.
  3. Encouraging cultural awareness by closely working with international societies.
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BME Students' Officer – Doyin Ogunmilua

  1. Improve awareness of mental health issues amongst BME students and how its dealt with.
  2. Take steps to promote and celebrate black talent in different subject departments. Give BME achievements the chance to take centre stage at least every couple of months.
  3. Work on integration and education between BME students and non BME students.
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Women's Students' Officer – Georgie Hanson

  1. Congregation point outside union for women who feel in danger walking home alone. Gals can find pals to walk with.
  2. Drop in sessions to gain a wider understanding of what women want to see change at the university. Your voice matters.
  3. Women’s issues tackled through various campaigns and events.
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Undergraduate Mature Students' Officer – Tawanda Mutanga

  1. Look for ways to support mature students adjustment to university study.
  2. Help mature students to balance both work and study.
  3. Improve networking opportunities for mature students.
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Disabled Students' Officer – Gabs Lowe

  1. Setting up a society/ support group where students with disabilities can come and socialise with each other.
  2. Work to improve disabled student accommodation.
  3. Make it easier to discover the resources available to new and existing students.
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LGBT+ Students' Officer – Position vacant

Postgraduate Taught Students' Officer – Tabitha Reynolds

  1. Improve the networking and social opportunities available to postgraduate taught students.
  2. Improve the ease of use of Blackboard.
  3. Campaign for printing allowances for PGT students.
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