BME Officer – Somisola Soyombo

I am a first-year student in Reading. Already I’ve noticed murmurs of dissatisfaction amongst BME students feeling underrepresented, isolated and segregated.

Communication – Get your voice heard

  • Focus on ensuring all BME students have a point of contact to voice concerns either directly or through societies.
  • Work closely with the diversity officer and creating a network with societies for active involvement.
  • To make sure all BME students are informed about programs/events using social media and other platforms.

Solutions – Actively deal with problems

  • Work with students to find solutions to problems.
  • Work with RUSU and the Diversity Officer to implement these solutions.
  • Offer alternatives in the local community when issues can’t be resolved within the university.

Unity – No student left behind

  • Work with societies and the local community to ensure no student feels isolated and are able to find a community they can identify with.
  • Work to create cohesion between different groups to ensure no student feels antagonised.
  • Work to promote a culture of diversity throughout the campus and at events.

Some of the important changes will I make

  • BME networking events, career talks and music events.
  • Introduce more international food to the RUSU building and campus restaurants.
  • Work with local schools to create a mentoring programme to help and inspire younger BME students in the local area.
  • Hold a Reading BME business fair so students know where they can find essentials.
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