Environment and Ethics Officer– Ellie Moore

Autumn Term 2018 Update

This term we had a successful Green Week, with a campaign on reducing single-use plastics as well as a cake sale ran alongside with the vegetarian and vegan society in order to raise money for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Thanks to everyone’s generous donations we were able to raise £40.38! We also created vegetarian and vegan recipe cards to encourage students to cook more sustainably whilst on a budget.

Planning is going into setting up wildlife webcams across campus to increase student engagement with the amazing wildlife which we live alongside with which will hopefully be available to watch across the screens around campus.

I have also had several interviews and written articles for the Spark newspaper regarding what the University is doing to increase its sustainability and how students can get involved in this initiative.

Next term we are looking into holding a pub quiz as well as a jungle-themed union night in order to raise awareness about palm oil which is gaining increasing attention in the media.


What’s your favourite book?
The Elephant Whisperer by Anthony Lawrence

What’s your biggest achievement?
Travelling to Thailand and volunteering at a wildlife rescue sanctuary.

What’s a fun fact that people may not know about you?
My favourite animal is elephants and my whole room is filled with elephant pictures and ornaments and I have a tattoo of one on my wrist.


Studying Ecology has given me a strong insight into current environmental concerns and how the university can improve its 'green' status.

I have always been passionate about leading a sustainable lifestyle; from doing regular beach cleans to becoming vegan to reduce my environmental footprint on the planet.

During my gap year I carried out charity work with groups such as Friends of the Earth and the RSPCA and volunteered at a wildlife rescue sanctuary in Thailand. I am currently helping to run a reusable coffee cup scheme in Reading and also looking to start a campaign to limit the use of plastic straws in town.

Some issues which I would focus on are reducing the use of single-use plastics on campus, increasing the use of energy-saving lightbulbs and promoting biodiversity conservation.

I would prioritise students’ concerns which you may have and make sure that these are addressed and changed in any way that I can.

With my drive, commitment and perseverance, I would do the role of Environment and Ethics Officer justice and help to make a significant positive impact on the University campus in terms of its environmental impact and ethics towards every aspect of university life.


  • Increase the use of energy-saving lightbulbs in halls and lecture theatres.
  • Raise awareness for biodiversity on campus and promote species conservation for UK Wildlife such as hedgehogs and dormice.
  • Reduce the use of single-use plastics on campus such as plastic cups and straws.
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