International Students’ Officer – Karim Elassi

Approximately 26% of the University of Reading students are you, International Students. Coming from a different country, alone or with friends, will always mature you and hopefully in the best way. Whether this is your first year or even your last, I hope your academic journey has been phenomenal.

Personally, I have decided to run to create a felt presence for us international students within RUSU. Working with everyone to let your expressions run free, and have all your opinions be heard. Thus, confronting various issues, to discover issues and effectively solve them. With the ever-improving technology in our hands, getting in touch as a community has never been easier, I will devote ample time and effort to be reachable always and deal with issues with my undivided attention.

Our university already presents an international feeling, and we must take this opportunity. Connect with people alike in terms of hobbies and academia, yet different in terms of backgrounds diversity.

With your drive, we together, can continue to develop and sculpt the international aspect of the RUSU. With your support, we can use this opportunity of studying abroad to make new familiar faces, networks, and ultimately creating a second home. Graduating from an international school and going to several events filled with large amounts of nationalities, I have seen picturesque moments of when fellow international students get to know each other. It’s something that I can never get tired of. I would love for the chance to see those moments again.


  • Working closely with the international societies to promote collaborations amongst each other.
  • Construct an environment where you can provide feedback in a relaxed and competent style.
  • Creating events and activities based around your hobbies and interests.
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