LGBT+ Officer – Max Riley

I’m Max Riley, an undergrad zoology student and transgender man.

I am a passionate activist for transgender rights and am well versed in the current issues transgender people face within the UK, both with current legislation and discrimination in societal context; For example the current media backlash surrounding a governmental discussion on the ability to self identify.

Previous Experience

I have been involved in LGBT+ organisations for many years, advocating to help each and every member of the group to feel welcome and safe, often by offering a mentoring roll for the younger members. As LGBT+ officer I would work to ensure that this would also be the case within RUSU and the wider Reading University as a whole.

Testing Tuesdays Awareness

Part of my campaign plan also involves the currently running “Testing Tuesdays” campaign. An informal survey of members of the LGBT society at Reading found that 86% of those surveyed have no idea that the service exists. I aim to boost the current visibility of the campaign and help raise awareness of the services available to students. For many students coming to university opens up the chance for relationships. However if less people knew of the initiative they could put themselves at risk of infection. That is why improving the visibility is important.


In conclusion I want to work to ensure that all members of the LGBT+ community feel that they are welcomed and their voices heard and that they have access to the resources that we can offer them.

  • I aim to offer a voice to all members of the LGBT+ community at Reading.
  • I wish to advocate for the rights of transgender students both on campus and as a whole.
  • To boost the visibility of the Testing Tuesdays campaign to help it reach more students, LGBT+ or otherwise.
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